B O O N   -   M E E

                                   Pure Plant Cuisine

                                                                                  plant based, organic, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free

Boon Mee – The Good Spirit Cuisine - strives to bridge the gap between culinary art and nutrition. Delicious, minimally processed, plant-based cuisine. In addition to being beautiful and good for you, this food will make you glow! Prioritizing innovative techniques, organic ingredients and education for those new to this Pure Plant Cuisine. 


                                       FOOD CREATION  FOOD STYLING  FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY

Food Styling & Food Photography

Our relationship with food is so elemental and sensuous that it acts as a magician of memory and an evocation of pleasure. For those truly passionate about it, there is the aim to give poetry to its rituals. To sourcing only the best natural ingredients, creating wonderful dishes, plating and photographing food in a form that leaves an impression – to bring optimal nutrition and  a most delicious taste together in an artistic playful way – with beauty and love.


I believe there does not have to be a separation between good health and great food.

I hope that with my skills in creating this plant driven cuisine and my food styling and photography with the help of beautiful, mouthwatering photos of this amazing food, I will inspire many people to eat and live a deliciously healthy and happy life! Please allow me to show you, that this pure natural cuisine simply tastes heavenly! 



Recipe creation, manufacture, food styling, refinement of foods for individuals, restaurants, advertising, print media or the internet as well as food photography with a specialization in plant based cuisine.


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